Diversity: From Implicit Bias to Outright Racism

Key Information

  • Target Audience:  Company wide
  • Contact Training:  2 days


Unconscious bias is a natural, well-intended process. Our brain wants us to be as efficient as possible. However every time we see someone we automatically attribute certain characteristics to them without being aware of the process. These automatic attributes result from past experiences and culture and can have a deep influence on our perceptions of people. They can lead to wrong decisions in recruitment, promotions or compensation or poor financial decisions and could hinder your diversity and inclusivity initiatives and scupper your attempts at pay equality.


The course raises self-awareness by providing an understanding of implicit bias and its interplay with prejudice and stereotypes. This forms the basis for promoting the benefits of diversity and managing conflicts and differences within the workplace. We also consider the South African laws to understand discrimination and common issues such as racism and sexism, the employers obligations under the circumstances, and how to manage any issues as they arise.


Key Information

  • Target Audience:  Supervisors and managers
  • Contact Training:  nnn days

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Abuse of the Grievance Procedure

Key Information

  • Target Audience:  Supervisors and Managers
  • Contact Training:  nnn days


In this intensive course we undertake a review of direct Discrimination, Harassment & Victimisation, and consider whether an increase of allegations of racism is a sign of the times. We discuss what constitutes racism, what is sexism and determine what an employer’s legal obligations are in terms of creating an environment that is free of discrimination. Key to this is how managers and supervisors should handle allegations of discrimination.

We consider whether the test for racism is objective or subjective and what happens if the investigation fails to find a credible and justifiable basis for the complaint. We also consider allegations of victimization, and managing the grievance procedure appropriately and how to deal with unfounded cries of racism or victimization.

We also consider common abuses including filing a grievance against a manager bringing a disciplinary complaint, and using the procedure to pursue a personal vendetta against another employee.