Levy Africa Network provides practical, applied Training Solutions with a focus on Employee Relations, Practical Economics and HR/IR Matters

Practical Economics

Employees and managers need to understand at a practical level how a company generates income, the constraints placed on a company, the impact of market forces on a microeconomic level, and global events on a macroeconomic level as well as its inter-relationships with all stakeholders from suppliers and customers, to employees and providers of capital including shareholders and lenders.

Unconscious Bias / Diversity & Inclusivity

Unconscious bias is a natural, well-intended process. Our brain wants us to be as efficient as possible. However every time we see someone we automatically attribute certain characteristics to them without being aware of the process. These automatic attributes result from past experiences and culture and can have a deep influence on our perceptions of people. They can lead to wrong decisions in recruitment, promotions or compensation or poor financial decisions and could hinder your diversity and inclusivity initiatives and scupper your attempts at pay equality. This course seeks to quantify unconscious drivers and adapt processes to improve objectiveness and boost performance

Discipline and Dismissal

  • Performance management
  • A more productive workplace
  • Discipline

Poor Work Performance

Dismissals for Poor Performance are hotly contested, awkward and difficult to handle due to:

  • the human factor
  • employee rivalry
  • lack of performance standards
  • subjectivity of management
  • potential for workplace conflict

A unique approach using our conceptual tool, ‘the spectrum of performance’, as a means of identifying and managing the marginal employee, so they either improves or a case for exit is prepared.

HR Bootcamp

An immersive five day residential session for the HR fraternity where we seek to produce a competent and self-assured HR generalist. Graduates of our Bootcamp  can deliver an effective solution to a problem, as well as recognise the potential for its growth and knowing when it needs to be referred up the line and when and where resources for help can be marshalled. Our HR Bootcamp produces confident HR Operators

Pay Equality

  • What does pay equality mean?
  • How is pay equality understood and measured?
  • When does pay not have to be equal?
  • How does our law address pay inequality?

We also explore the issues of pay discrimination, wage curves and a discriminatory wage structure.

Socio-economic Development / Youth Employment Scheme

  • Applied economics in practice
  • Entrepreneurship at work
  • Stimulating youth employment
  • The work environment
  • The employer / employee relationship
  • The employer’s expectations and the demands on a new employee

An extensive offering from on-boarding new employees to assisting employees conduct a job search.

Adding value at all levels of your organisation


Discovery Learning

‘Discovery learning’ or ‘Learning by doing’ is particularly beneficial to a workforce of varying levels of education and experience, accelerates knowledge and skill acquisition, and assists with skills development.

People learn best by doing!

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Gamified Learning

Adult learners retain only 5% of lecture style teaching, increasing to 75% with experiential learning.

Levy Africa Network has developed innovative simulated business games for an immersive learning experience.

Our suite of business games has been developed specifically for the South African environment.

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Research and Data Driven Programmes combined with Practical Experience

Our knowledge and understanding of the industry is based on proprietary research conducted on employment statistics collected since 1980.

Our training processes reflect the reality faced by delegates and course content is firmly rooted in an appropriate industrial setting.

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Our unique offerings have been designed to address common challenges facing organisations today, comprising a comprehensive offering developed over 40 years of operating in South Africa’s dynamic and sometimes volatile labour environment

  • Economic Literacy Training – as a means of improving productivity and easing labour relations
  • Unconscious Bias / Diversity – helping delegates understand their inherent biases to ensure successful implementation of diversity and inclusivity programmes, as well as impacting pay equality
  • Labour Law – an in-depth understanding of the Law including discipline & dismissal and the Labour Relations Act (LRA), Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), etc
  • Collective Issues – managing negotiations utilising Andrew Levy’s proprietary labour negotiation preparation, managing strikes and updates on wage settlement levels
  • Specialist topics – [Content to follow]
  • Practical applications – addressing the day-to-day issues faced with managing employees


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