Labour Negotiations

Key Information

  • Target Audience:  Senior managers and HR/IR team involved in wage negotiations and collective bargaining
  • Contact Training:  3 Days


Whether for wage negotiations or collective bargaining, negotiation skills are invaluable. This workshop provides down to earth guidance on tactics, strategies and how to deal with tough negotiation situations.

Our negotiation programme is practical and applied, has been proven over more than two decades, and is based on real experience and analysis of some of the toughest negotiations in the labour arena.

We teach a disciplined approach to negotiations, how to prepare a case, determine a strategy and to be alert to the different phases of the negotiation, while dealing with the other side’s demands, including those demands that are unreasonable and unachievable.

Our approach to labour negotiations has been used successfully by many of South Africa’s largest corporations.

Strike Handling

Key Information

  • Target Audience:  Managers and Senior Managers
  • Contact Training:  1 Day


A unique programme built on the widest experience of strike handling in the country, this training provides delegates with practical strategies and tactics, and will highlight winning moves and the blunders to avoid.

To some extent, strike management is a function of experience, and there is no better way to learn short of the real thing, which can turn out to be a very expensive lesson.  Attendance at this training session, and use of the Strike Break intervention, increases management levels of confidence and analysis, as well as teaching first line supervisors what not to do in the vital minutes leading up to a stoppage and their immediate reaction to it.

The focus of the course is on all types of industrial action, procedural and non-procedural.